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Indigenous Women holding hands in unity above sea

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About Us

Indigenous Women Rise Society is a nonprofit organization based in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to cultivating safe spaces for Indigenous women and youth to gather, learn, and heal. We focus on various initiatives, including movement-based classes, drum circles, workshops for violence prevention and community repair, and creating safe spaces including our newly opened 215+ Memorial Garden.

We are seeking volunteers to assist us in: website and social media management, graphic design, tending to the 215+ Memorial Garden in Beaconsfield Park, and providing assistance at our events.


Volunteer Opportunities:

A) Website, Social Media, and Graphic Design Volunteers

   - Role Description: Help with website maintenance, social media management, and graphic design.

   - Qualifications: Previous experience working with websites, social media platforms, and design tools like Canva. Evidence of prior experience or work samples may be requested.

B) Memorial Garden Caretakers

   - Role Description: Help maintain and care for our 215+ Memorial Garden in Beaconsfield Park, ensuring it remains a place of remembrance and reflection.

   - Qualifications: A love of gardening and a passion for preserving the memory of Residential School victims and survivors.

C) Event Support Volunteers

   - Role Description: Assist with event setup, take down, and various tasks during our events, such as managing an information table. We are also looking for volunteers to photograph and film our events. 

   - Qualifications: Enthusiasm, reliability, and the ability to work well in a team. No specific prior experience required.

D) Photographer

  - Attend events and photograph speakers, consented participants and lead a photo shoot with drum group members. Work samples might be required for those interested in photography and filmography. Must supply own photography equipment, drone available.


E) Proposal Writers/Fundraisers 

 - Assist in the development of proposals based on our mission of Cultivating Safe Spaces for our women to gather, learn, heal and celebrate.  We also seek volunteers for our fundraising committee, to help plan our strategy.


F) Drone Operator

 - Assist in the operation and execution of drone footage for our events and programs. 


Contact Information:

To learn more about the work we do, please visit our website: 

To inquire about volunteer opportunities or express your interest, please fill out the volunteer application form. You can also reach us at

Indigenous Women holding hands in unity above sea

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