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Fostering Wellness: Physical Activity Series in Action

Indigenous Women Rise Society (IWRS) is thrilled to share the success of our ongoing Physical Activity Series, made possible by the Sports Funding from Heritage Canada. This initiative aims to promote mental and physical well-being through engaging sports activities within our community. Our sessions are open and free to all First Nations, Métis, and Inuit women. We're proud to extend this opportunity to Indigenous women from across Turtle Island, fostering connections and shared wellness goals.

This fall, our community came together virtually for weekly Zoom Yoga sessions led by the talented Devon French. We're excited to announce the continuation of these sessions on Tuesday nights in the new year, offering a space for further connection and movement.

Our physical activity series has seen diverse events. A special visioning session at the end of November allowed women to brainstorm and shape their wellness goals, featuring the insights of Dr. Rosalin Miles. We continued our wellness journey with two bowling gatherings at Grandview Lanes on December 9, 2023 and January 6, 2024. We will be bowling again together in February.

As we move forward, our upcoming plans include a roller skating class at Rolla Skate Club at the PNE in February. Starting January 20, Indigenous women can join us every Saturday morning for virtual Pow Wow Zumba, led by the talented Madelaine McCallum.

Looking ahead, we're planning a dynamic lineup of events, including dancing, golf outings, self-defense with Wenlido, and more! The enthusiasm and participation we've witnessed inspire us to continue expanding our offerings and exploring new ways to promote holistic wellness within our community. We are very excited for all that is to come.

In Unity,

Indigenous Women Rise

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