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Navigating Conflict: Conflict Resolution Workshop Series

Indigenous Women Rise Society (IWRS) recently brought together our community for a transformative experience in our Conflict Resolution Workshop Series. Facilitated by the experienced Darrin Hotte, this series unfolded over three sessions on November 16, November 30, and December 14, 2023. Darrin's dedication to empowering individuals and groups to navigate conflict, transition, and crisis, with over 35 years of leadership experience, set the tone for an insightful and empowering series.

Darrin Hotte, passionate about building, restoring, and preserving health within companies, families, communities, and organizations, shared his expertise with a diverse group of over 250 participants. Those who committed to attending all three sessions received a well-deserved certificate of completion.

Throughout the series, participants delved into crucial aspects of conflict resolution. From understanding the six causes of conflict to exploring the benefits of conflict as a catalyst for growth, Darrin guided attendees through navigating conflict in daily life. Practical strategies for holding productive conflict conversations and insights into the physiology of high emotion were key components of these sessions.

The workshops were crafted around the idea that conflict is unavoidable and that people must learn how to approach and respond to it effectively. The enthusiastic participation and engagement from our community highlighted the collective commitment to cultivating these skills for personal and community well-being. The women who joined us were happy to have the chance to share and connect with others from across the country in breakout sessions during the workshops. The opportunity to express themselves in confidence with one another was invaluable. 

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Darrin Hotte for his invaluable contribution to this series. Together, we take another step toward building a community that navigates conflict with grace and resilience.

In Unity,

Indigenous Women Rise

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